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Back-racking of hubs

Back-racking of hubs

Safety and security

Another reason for the transmission of patient monitoring signals by means of KVM technology is the safety aspect.

Hubs are high-end, expensive equipment storing highly-sensitive patient information which requires special protection against physical access (theft and damage). Moreover, ideal environmental conditions (controlled temperature, little dust and dirt) extend the service life time of these expensive investments considerably.

All the more reason to back-rack this equipment (i.e. relocate the computers back to central, secured server rooms) in protected and air-conditioned server rooms.

Laboratory automation in healthcare

The use of KVM extender technology offers a possible solution, as it can conveniently be installed in the cabinets together with the CPUs.

For more information on our solutions for patient monitoring in healthcare environments, please contact our free Tech Support.

KVM solutions for patient monitoring

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