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Ordering Methods

5 Easy ways to order from Black Box:

  1. Online:
    • Thousands of BLACK BOX products online
    • Find products fast and easy - search by category, product code, product name, technology and function.
    • Fantastic application diagrams.
    • Convenient and secure ordering.
  2. Instantly by email
    You can send orders and of course requests, feedback and complaints to
  3. By Phone
    For orders or technical support please contact us at +39 06 4520 8888
  4. By Fax: 06-5741907
  5. By Mail
    Please send your orders to:
    Black Box Network Services S.r.l.
    Via Mar della Cina 276/278 00144 Roma (RM)

At any time, if you need help with the selection of products, application advice or troubleshooting, our Tech support team and Customer Services team are there to help you.

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