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Black Box Business Continuity Plan Summary

The Black Box Business Continuity Plan

The Black Box Business Continuity Plan (BCP) supports business continuance and recovery in the event of a significant business disruption such as a global or local emergency, natural disaster, or pandemic. Black Box is committed to planning and preparing for these situations in order to remain operational and continue to serve our valuable clients around the world.

This plan supports Black Box’s recovery from disruptions of varying lengths and scope. Since the timing and impact of disasters and disruptions are unpredictable, flexibility is an important element of the plan. This flexibility will help the Company react and respond to specific events as they occur. Once activated, the plan is designed to accomplish four objectives:

  1. Safeguard our team members’ lives and the firm’s property
  2. Assess the financial and operational impact of the disruption
  3. Strive to quickly recover and maintain required operations during a disruption
  4. Strive to sustain and finally resume normal operations

The Black Box BCP includes the following components:

Black Box BCP Plan Components
  • Critical Services Inventory
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Impact Assessment Analysis
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Master Supplier List
  • Backup Supplier List
  • Supplier Contact List
  • Plan Activation and Recovery
  • Testing Plan and Processes
  • US Real Estate
  • International Real Estate
  • Communication Plan Structure
  • Team Member Impact Analysis
  • Team Member FAQ

Plan Activation

Black Box has operations in more than 24 countries. Therefore, the BCP can be activated locally, nationally, or globally, depending on the specific circumstances related to the disruption.

Management and Maintenance of the Black Box BCP

The BCP is managed and maintained by a cross-functional team of subject matter experts, including representation from Human Resources, Facilities, IT, Finance, Procurement, Customer Experience, and Communications. The executive team is fully aware and engaged with the plan in order to support continuance and recovery during a disruption. The BCP is systematically reviewed annually to help ensure it stays current and up to date.

Continuity of Operations Strategy for COVID19

The Black Box continuity of operations strategy to respond to the COVID19 Pandemic is a 6-step approach. Project and Team Leads in the field play a vital role in the execution of this strategy. They make key decisions regarding continuously educating and reminding field technicians of their responsibility to safeguard themselves, team members, and customers from the COVID19 threat. Field leadership must consider the needs of all customers of course, but they must also anticipate and prioritize which customers are likely to be impacted first and/or have a critical need to function during a pandemic (e.g. healthcare and hospitals, nursing homes, water, power, etc.).

These priorities may have the additional critical dependency to receive field support at the time of physical site lockdowns. The continuance of operations strategy to deal with the COVID19 situation starts with supporting minimum Critical services supporting key customers, and expands to include normal operations (as required and/or as much as possible) that can be remotely supported and conducted for the customer.

Project and Team Leads must be cognizant of key skills of the field resources to match resources with prioritized customer critical services. If a customer prioritizes their most critical services first, for example, then the Project and Team leads are tasked with making a quick decision regarding which resources are available to support which services (either remotely or in-person). Due to the scope and scale of COVID19, each location may have its own specific challenges. The 6-step strategy below is a guideline to deal with the negative impacts of the COVID19, including dealing with customer site lockdowns, unavailability of field workforce, etc.

  1. Ensure People / Human Safety – At All times
    Ensure all resources (field techs, employees, temporary workers, contractors etc.) follow the official guidelines available to them through legitimate local and global healthcare sources to deal with the COVID19 virus.
  2. Be Connected to Black Box Network
    Ensure all field resources with Black Box laptops test their ability to connect to the Black Box network remotely. All field techs supporting customers remotely (from an Black Box perspective) during a customer site lockdown situation must be able to connect to Black Box to support day-to-day internal Black Box activities, be updated with latest technology and tools, to in turn help support customer tasks and projects.
  3. Establish a Network of backup Suppliers and Vendors for supporting required services
    Black Box will contact key/primary suppliers to understand their BCP plans. Black Box has and will continue to identify backup suppliers in case a primary supplier is unavailable for continuity of vendor/supplier support operations.
  4. Pro-actively know the Customer’s Support expectations for remote work
    The need of field techs to connect to the customer’s network remotely (e.g. due to the physical site being locked down) and support the customers will be dictated by the customer need. The Customer needs to identify Black Box services as a critical need to sustain its operations during a disruption through their BCP. Project and Team leads must proactively reach out to their customers to assess which services and tasks are of primary importance to the customer and how they can be supported remotely for continuity of operations. If the customer expects Black Box field techs to support them remotely, then 2 Use Case Scenarios arise:
    1. If the field resources have a Customer-Owned Laptop – In most cases, customer-owned laptops already give the ability for field techs to support required service functions through their laptop remotely. If not, field techs shall reach out to the customer to confirm.
    2. If the field resource has an Black Box-Owned Laptop – Field techs should follow specific instructions to connect to the customer’s network. e.g. download customer VPN, install specific software etc. Field techs shall work with their customers to confirm.
  5. Constant Communication and Feedback
    The Project and Team Leads at the field are accountable to provide timely feedback to the Executive team via their Account and/or country Managers. Such feedback will include status, challenges and decisions. Black Box Management will hold regular meetings to monitor the progress of the continuity of critical operations.
  6. Customer / Vendors and Suppliers Responsibility
    Likewise, Black Box expects customers, vendors and suppliers to manage their own business continuity plans.
    1. Customers – Customers need to evaluate their own BCP and let Black Box Project and Team leads know the expectations they have related to remote working or site lockdown and how that infrastructure to support them will be provided.
    2. Vendors/Suppliers – 3rd party Vendors/Suppliers that support Black Box business services need to have backup suppliers themselves in case they are unable perform expected supplier functions. Vendors/Suppliers also need to have a BCP plan themselves and indicate how they intend to support their service delivery.

More Information

If you need more information about the Black Box Business Continuity Plan, please reach out to your account manager or email

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