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RM050A-R3: 11U
L'immagine può variare dal prodotto effettivo
RM051A-R3: 19U

Ultra Wallmount Racks

Mount heavy network equipment in tight spaces

  • Just the right size for mounting heavier, deeper networking equipment. It holds 34/45 kg.
  • Drilled with a standard EIA-310 universal hole pattern.
  • Feature tapped 12-24 mounting holes and includes 12 12-24 x 13mm screws.
  • Fire-retardant VELCRO® straps are included to bundle cable neatly.
  • Self-squaring design simplifies installation.
  • Provide 11U or 19U of rackmount space.
  • The racks swing open to the left or right for easy access to equipment and terminations.
  • The 63.5cm depth provides plenty of room to open and close the rack, even when it's fully loaded with patch panels, hubs, or routers.
  • Mount 19" equipment to the wall without losing access for moves, adds, and changes.
  • A 12-gauge steel reinforcement pan on the bottom adds strength to the rack.
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  Ultra Wallmount Racks  
Ultra Wallmount Racks
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  Ultra Wallmount Racks  
Ultra Wallmount Racks
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