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LWGB2BKIT60-SX: 800m
Photo may vary from actual product
Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge (60GHz)
LWGB2BKIT60-LX: 1.85km

Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge (60GHz)

Flexible wireless network connection from building-to-building and LAN-to-LAN.

  • Next Generation point-to-point radios.
  • Choice of three high performance antennas for ranges up to 800m or 1850m.
  • High-speed full duplex Gigabit speed.
  • Excellent EIRP (up to +55 dBm) and 10mW power budget provide higher reliability and distances.
  • License-free operation on 59 to 62 GHz frequency.
  • Automatic Coding and Modulation (ACM).
  • Low latency < 40µs.
  • Compact design (220x220x70 mm) and light weight.
  • Easy to install, align and operate.
  • Supports flow control, transparent bridging (80211d), VLAN support (802.1q), VLAN stacking (802.1ad) and jumbo frames (10k).
  • Easy management via web Gui and SNMP.
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  Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge (60GHz)  
Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge (60GHz)
  Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge (60GHz)  
Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge (60GHz)
Complete kits with antennas, PoE injectors and mast mounting material.
Ultra low latency versions available upon request.

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