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  Festival ICT 2015

Join us at Festival ICT 2015

From the first festival, in 2013, Festival ICT became swiflty established within the sector for its energy, originality and revolutionizing capacities. The Festival ICT's success is due to the fact that it wasn't born as a copy, good or bad, of other exhibitions. It was conceived starting from zero, relying on detailed knowledge of the sector, of other events and of market needs. With more than 1.000 visitors last year, an increase of 35%, Festival ICT confirmed its status as the new Italian place-to-be for the sector.

This year, Festival ICT will open its doors on 11 November 2015 at Milan (Fiera Milano Congressi), affording you the chance to connect with the industry leaders.

Take the opportunity to visit us at Festival ICT and experience the latest developments in high-performance KVM. We would like to welcome you to come and see us.

How can Black Box assist you

High-Performance KVM, HD video, and peripherals matrix switching gives users access to a variety of target devices (CPUs, digital signage, servers, etc.), the ability to monitor workflow, and flexible control of visual and peripheral elements. Black Box simplifies the job of having to configure KVM peripheral matrix switching systems, making it easier for you to plan and launch fully integrated switching and extension systems for your specific industry.

Our goal is your goal: Provide effective management of technology elements in broadcasting, air traffic control, control rooms, and other collaborative environments.

We will be showcasing

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