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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

  • Anything you tell us is confidential. We never trade or sell your information to other companies.

  • BLACK BOX® supports the privacy of his users. BLACK BOX® will not provide or release names, e-mail addresses or any other information to any third party without the express permission of the user.

  • BLACK BOX® may store and process your personally identifiable information to better understand your needs and how we may improve our products and services, and we may use your personally identifiable information to contact you (for example, we may send you marketing or promotional materials or other information, we may respond to your comments or requests for information, or we may contact you if needed in the course of processing or shipping your order for products or services

  • offered over our web sites). We may also enhance or merge personally identifiable information with data obtained from third parties for the same purposes. BLACK BOX® will not give or sell your personally identifiable information to any outside organization for the organization's own use without your consent.

  • If you have submitted personally identifiable information through a BLACK BOX® website or interactive advertisement, or if someone else has submitted your personally identifiable information through a BLACK BOX® website or interactive advertisement, and you would like to have that information deleted from our marketing databases, please contact us via e-mail. We will remove your personally identifiable information from our files.

  • and will send you a confirmation. You may also contact us through either of the above methods to request the personally identifiable information that BLACK BOX® has collected about you through its websites or interactive advertisements. BLACK BOX® will supply you with this information and correct any factual inaccuracies in this information.

  •  In other words, browsing and shopping with BLACK BOX® On-Line is as safe and convenient as contacting us by phone. That's our promise to you.
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