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  The ServSwitch™ family offers the biggest selection of KVM switches, extenders, trays and more

KVM Switches from Black Box - The ultimate in control, convenience and cost savings

Planning your KVM Solution

KVM TechnologyMake sure you know all features integrated in KVM Technology.

KVM SelectorKnow what you want and know what there is? Select a KVM Solution using our KVM ServSwitch Family.

KVM Design ServiceDifferent industries require different technologies. Use our KVM Design Service.

KVM ResourcesStill want to know more? Share our 35+ year of experience and see our KVM Resources.

  KVM Switches in all industries

KVM in Public Safety & Education
Gulf of Finland Coast Guard operates their advanced control center en school together. Download pdf (1 MB)

KVM in Healtcare
Utrecht Medial Centre operates Radiotherapy equipment from different rooms. Download pdf (1 MB)

KVM in Healthcare

KVM in different Industries.
Why KVM Switches from Black Box?

The ServSwitch Family offers a wide selection of KVM Switches.
  • Desktop, Enterprise and Matrix
  • Single- or multiuser
  • Remote management
  • KVM over IP
  • Secure network switching
  • Custom solutions

Free Service with the product
  • Assistance choosing a product
  • Trained account managers 
  • On-site survey
  • Design Service 
  • Testing and installation
  • Live Tech Support 24/7
  • White Papers and Videos
  • More than 35 years of experience

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